From product selection to application advice, the Fosroc ANZ team is here to help your project succeed. Here's one of the frequently asked questions we receive about our highest selling Renderoc product, Renderoc HB40.

Q: Why do I need to cure the patch repaired with Renderoc HB40, doesn’t it already contain all the ingredients it needs?

A:  Renderoc HB40 certainly does have all the ingredients it needs to repair patches, but it still needs to be cured correctly. 

As with all cementitious materials, Renderoc HB40 must be cured immediately after finishing to reduce the speed of evaporation of moisture from the surface and help prevent shrinkage cracking. It's our recommended approach to get the job done right the first time.

For all Renderoc repair mortars, Fosroc's curing agent Concure A99 should be sprayed or brush applied to the freshly finished mortar to create an impervious film over the surface.

This water based acrylic curing compound dries rapidly to form a transparent film with greater than 90% water retention efficiency, as required for compliance with AS 3799 Liquid membrane-forming curing compounds for concrete. It has been formulated for use on structural and mass concrete both indoors and outdoors. A high-performance curing compound, it eliminates the need for damp hessian or sand, even in windy and sunny conditions. In particularly fast drying conditions, we recommend supplementary curing with a polythene sheet taped down at the edges. The finished surface will be primed and ready for most after-trades.

Concure A99 is also recommended for use with Patchroc and Paveroc repair mortars, making it a very versatile curing compound. 

For advice about curing bulk concrete, read our ‘Importance of curing concrete correctly’ Technical Bulletin, it will give you some things to consider when choosing the right curing compound for your project. 

Still unsure? Get in touch with our customer service team or your Fosroc representative for expert technical advice on curing agents. We can provide comprehensive specification services, as well as application advice for your specific project.