Turkish Bread Factory

Nitoflor FC150 HP was selected as the best solution for a flooring system at a Turkish bread factory, with HACCP requirements plus the need to minimise production downtime. 

Riverbank on Byron

At this luxury development on Brisbane’s waterfront, Fosroc Proofex PGP and Polyurea WHE110 combined to provide fast, economical and durable basement waterproofing.

Schofields Railway Station Substation

The contractor used 300m2 of Fosroc Proofex Engage to waterproof the substation floor slabs, upturns, and the top of pile caps. The unique mesh design of Fosroc Proofex Engage gives a permanent tenacious mechanical bond to freshly-placed concrete.

Coal Terminal Rail Upgrade

In sections, each ship coal-loader rail was raised and relevelled. Some rail lines required temporary under-pinning with high performance cementitious Conbextra HS grout, before final installation of pad style supports using ultra high strength epoxy Conbextra EP65 Plus grout.

Parramatta Aquatic Centre

A low-rise design built into the landscape, the Parramatta Aquatic Centre integrates with its parkland surrounds. Serious waterproofing protection was required for the roof and plant room floors at this new community facility. Super efficient and tough, Polyurea WHE110 was the right choice for above ground and under foot.

IKEA Marsden Park

Nitoflor SL self smoothing epoxy floor topping was the ideal solution for this project, meeting the project requirements and addressing all site specific issues.