How do you get your epoxy resin or polyurethane cement flooring to look good and last longer with minimal maintenance? For areas subject to high traffic or aggressive conditions such as commercial kitchens, manufacturing facilities, schools, hospitals and chemical plants, Fosroc has introduced Nitoflor PA, a 100% solids polyaspartic coating to add hard-wearing protection to new and existing floors.

Through added resistance to abrasion, scratching and UV damage, Nitoflor PA is ideal for boosting the lifespan and appearance of resin floor systems, including those already coated with Nitoflor products.

A solvent-free polyaspartic coating, it is applied in two coats and available in eight colours or a clear finish.

"We have added this product to our Nitoflor range to give our customers long-lasting value and reduced maintenance, whether they are choosing a new flooring system or looking after their existing floors," says Paulson Chelliah, Fosroc's ANZ Specifications Manager for Flooring and Coatings.

"It's a great product because, while adding extra protection, the top coat can also be used to mark out zones with colour."

Nitoflor PA is compatible with most Nitoflor base coats and toppings, including the Nitoflor FC150 HP, SL, SLX and N epoxy coatings and Nitoflor PU200 and PU600, our polyurethane cement flooring with anti-microbial properties. It can also be applied as a standalone coating on new concrete surfaces.

"Our Nitoflor range now also includes anti-slip grains which can be used with our base coats and toppings to help meet slip-resistant ratings. With Nitoflor PA as the final step, we offer a complete flooring system that can meet all your needs," Paulson says.



Fast return to service





Nitoflor PA is a fast-curing coating that offers you a quick return to service.

"You can walk on the surface within two hours and drive on it within 24 hours," Paulson says.

"It can also be applied in sections, avoiding the need to shutdown your entire facility."



Enhanced protection


For exterior surfaces, Nitoflor PA provides excellent protection from UV exposure, while both indoors and outdoors it is highly resistant to abrasion, scratches and general wear and tear.

It also offers good resistance to common industrial chemicals, including bleach, and organic and petroleum-based solvents.

"The UV resistance is particularly valuable for external applications as pigmented polyaspartic coatings will resist discolouration more effectively," Paulson says.



Key facts about Nitoflor PA


  • Solvent free, 100% solids
  • High wear resistance – withstands constant traffic
  • Suitable for new and existing floors
  • Compatible with most Fosroc epoxy or polyurethane cement products
  • Fast turnaround, rapid return to service
  • UV resistance provides long-lasting colour*
  • Abrasion and scratch resistant
  • Suitable for exterior and interior
  • 8 colour options (including 6 Australian Standard colours) for safety zoning and other demarcation purposes
  • Clear finish also available
  • Good chemical resistance

*Nitoflor PA is UV resistant and colour fast but applying the clear coating over a non-UV resistant coating, such as epoxy base coats, will not stop the epoxy from discolouring under the clear coating.

Find out more about Nitoflor PA. Or, download our fact sheet here.

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