Fosroc ANZ's cementitious products are classified RCS hazard free, including our Renderoc, Patchroc, Conbextra and Construction Grout ranges. Being RCS hazard free means the products contain less than 0.1% respirable crystalline silica and are therefore non-hazardous in accordance with the Australian Inventory of Industrial Chemicals.

Fosroc invested in significant research and development to reduce the levels of RCS in our products – without compromising product performance.

By using Fosroc ANZ products, you will not be exposed to respirable crystalline silica when mixing the powders with water. However, wearing a dust mask and working in well-ventilated areas is still essential. Always follow the safety directions and wear the recommended PPE requirements as directed on the SDS.

Hazardous levels of RCS are still used in several mortars, grouts and other cementitious products sold in Australia and New Zealand. Check the product label or contact the manufacturer to check the RCS content. Products manufactured in Australia that are NOT RCS hazard free are required to include the ‘H350 May cause cancer’ statement on the SDS and packaging. Unfortunately, products manufactured overseas might not include this warning.

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