Fosroc ANZ offers the most complete range of sealant technologies in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Here’s why Fosroc is ‘the gun in sealants’ and how our sealants can safeguard your next project.

The gun in sealants

For civil and general construction, Fosroc ANZ’s high performance range of sealants can meet just about any substrate, environment or project challenge. From general purpose ‘everyday’ sealants to specialist and heavy industry products, our entire range is developed by experts in joint design and sealant technology:

  • Gun grade sealants – suitable for use in vertical and horizontal joints, including potable water storage.
  • Fire rated, fuel resistant and chemical resistant sealants.
  • Pouring grade sealants – designed exclusively for horizontal joints in floors and pavements.

With our innovative Nitoseal, Thioflex and Flamex products, you’ll always find the right sealant for the job with Fosroc ANZ.

Nitoseal MS: sealant technology has evolved

The future of sealants is here with our Nitoseal MS range of polyurethane hybrid (silyl modified polymer) sealants. Our Duraflex hybrid technology is a game changer on busy construction sites, giving applicators a safer, quicker sealing experience and delivering better performance at the same time.

Applicators love that Nitoseal MS:

  • is easier to gun out
  • produces less stringing
  • is solvent free.

Nitoseal MS is top of its class in performance, combining the weathering and adhesion performance of a silicone sealant with the toughness of a polyurethane sealant. Learn more about the Nitoseal MS range.

Nitoseal MS250 is our general construction product while Nitoseal MS400 is for trafficable joints. We also offer a colour matching service for both products, plus MS250 is now available in 11 Australian Standard colours off the shelf.

We also have a range of silicones to suit a variety of sealing tasks. Our Nitoseal SC range is Australian-made, ensuring quality and reliability every time.

Thioflex: fuel resistant polysulphide sealants

Designed for outstanding performance in civil construction contexts, Fosroc's Thioflex 600 gun grade and pouring sealants are chemical resistant and fuel resistant.

Thioflex 600 Gun Grade is perfect for sealing vertical and horizontal joints in concrete civil engineering structures such as roads, floors, airfields, pavements and subways, while Thioflex 600 Pouring Grade seals horizontal joints only.

Flamex: fire rated sealants independently tested to Australian Standards

Flamex One and Flamex XT are our fire rated sealants and both offer up to four hours’ fire resistance tested to AS 1530.4.

Water-based Flamex One is ideal where fire resistance is required in tilt-up construction, high- and low-rise buildings, precast and in-situ concrete.

Flamex XT is a polyurethane hybrid (silyl modified polymer) sealant tested to AS 1530.3. With its excellent UV and weather resistance, it is suitable for fire and acoustic rated joints in building facades and general construction.

How to choose the right sealant for the job

Here's how to find the perfect sealant for your next project:

  • Use Fosroc ANZ’s step-by-step Product Selector.
  • Read about the full product range in our Sealant Solutions brochure.
  • Request a tailored specification via your account manager. We have Specification Managers in every region to assist you.
  • Scroll to the end of this page to complete our 'Get in Touch' form or phone or email our customer service team.
  • Find your nearest Fosroc ANZ stockist.