Easy to apply with a low viscosity formula and low odour, Nitoflor FC150 HP is a versatile product that protects concrete floors from chemicals and abrasion.

What are the advantages of Nitoflor FC150 HP?

A multi-component, solvent-free, epoxy resin, high-build coating, Nitoflor FC150 HP offers a range of benefits:

  • Chemical resistance – Protects floors from a range of chemicals, including ammonia, vegetable oils, hydrochloric acid and sodium chloride.
  • Slip resistance – Combined with Nitoflor Anti-Slip Grains, it can be applied to new and existing concrete floors to meet slip resistance requirements, especially in wet areas where strict levels of hygiene and cleanliness are required or where chemicals are an integral part of the process. It is ideal for the food and chemical industries, hospitals, schools, kitchens and other high traffic areas.
  • Abrasion resistance – For added abrasion resistance for heavy duty areas, it can be top-coated with Fosroc Nitoflor PA.
  • Excellent seal and protect qualities – As a standalone product straight from the pack, it can be used to seal concrete floors and epoxy floor screeds, or as a high-quality protective coating for bunds, coves and drains within production areas.
  • Return to service – Available in a rapid cure version, Nitoflor FC150 HP-FC, can be walked on in six hours and driven on in 12 hours. The standard formula has a 24-hour cure time for foot traffic and requires 72 hours before accepting vehicle traffic.
  • 13 colours – The colour range, including 11 Australian standard colours, makes it ideal for marking out work zones.

Versatile application

Nitoflor FC150 HP can be applied in a range of ways depending on your preference:

  • Notched trowel and back-roll
  • Squeegee and back-roll
  • Roller
  • Roller and brush


Koala Grey is the standard colour available. The other 12 available colours are tinted using Fosroc Nitoflor Colour Pots: pastel grey, silver grey, light grey blue, curtain call (dark grey), black, safety yellow, harbour blue, sand, off white, cream, fern green and raspberry. Special colour packs are also available for request through your Fosroc account manager, or you can scroll to the bottom of this page to 'Get in Touch' with a Fosroc flooring specialist.

In summary

Nitoflor FC150 HP and Nitoflor FC150 HP-FC offer premium protection for industrial floors with easy application and low-to-no odour.

  • Long lasting and easily maintained
  • Good resistance to many industrial chemicals
  • Highly resistant to the action of forklift vehicles and commercial traffic
  • Slip resistance improves safety for plant and personnel
  • Provides an attractive satin finish
  • Available in a wide range of colours including 11 Australian standard colours
  • Complies with BCA for building material fire hazard properties specification C1.10a for critical radiant flux and smoke development rate values
  • HACCP certified for food preparation and processing industries

Try Nitoflor FC150 HP for your next flooring project.

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